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These Are Natural Beautiful Geodes. Buy This 50 Pieces For Bulk Quantity.

Natural Rare Mineral
Quality : AAA
Quantity : 50 Pieces

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Cavansite activates and aligns our higher 3 chakras. This helps one transmit, communicate, and understand their dreams. The powerful energies that radiate off of Cavansite help attune us to frequencies of higher dimensions, realms, and beings.

Cavansite is a deeply calming and comforting stone that will help you process your feelings of grief and loss. It will help you relieve your stress and let go of anything that causes you tension and anxiety. Cavansite is also known as the stone of truth.

Pentagonite stimulates intuition, heightens psychic awareness, enhances channeling ability, rids the mind of negative thoughts, inspires new ideas, and calms and centers the mind.

Cavansite is a mineral which formed in igneous rock when molten lava, water, steam and various chemicals were in circulation. Cavansite is used to treat problems with the eyes, throat, bladder, and kidneys. It can also help with tinnitus, which is a condition in which you hear a ringing in your ears. This stone aids in full bodily recovery.

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