Beautiful Apophyllite Rock Stone Rough Rock and Geodes Stone Apophyllite

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These Are Natural Beautiful Geodes. Buy This Per Piece For Bulk Quantity.

“India Rock Rough
Stone Name – Apophyllite
Color – As Seen As Picture
Shape:- Rough
Quality:- AAA”

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This gorgeous geode is completely unique and unrepeatable natural wonders of art. The geode you see is almost the same piece you will get. Spectacular druzy geode. The outside of the geode maintains its rough basalt condition. It’s definitely a one of a kind piece to add to your crystal collection. It has a perfect cut base for display. A true collector quality crystal formation.

A beautiful decoration geode to display in your home or office. This gorgeous piece is completely unique and unrepeatable natural wonders of art.

“Agate geodes are born out of lava. These crystals are often formed after volcanic eruptions when lava cools around air bubbles. These pockets leave space for groundwater to seep in. But the water itself doesn’t produce geodes–it brings along minerals which stay in the rock even after the water evaporates. The minerals then start to build on each other to form crystals. It can take thousands or even millions of years for these crystals to form a spherical rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals. Each geode is unique in it’s composition which can only be truly discovered when it is cracked open or cut with a rock saw. The size and formation of the crystals and different shades of color within the crystals make each geode special. The rough exterior of the geode gives no indication of the secrets held within its core.”

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