Natural Tanzanite Uncut Chips Beads Wonderful Jewelry’s Beads


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These Are KYANITE CHIPS BEADS STRANDS. Buy This For Bulk Quantity.

“Gemstone Name – Tanzanite
Polish – Handmade polished
Color – As Seen As Picture
Shape:- Uncut
Quality:- AAA”

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This is amazing Tanzanite. I have always been disappointed at how small Tanzanite beads generally are – there are rarely large beads made or available in Tanzanite. Until I found these guys! They’re really big for tanzanite, and wonderfully thick (as many of you know – I frown on skinny roundels). These are not the skinny, chippy rondelle beads that you usually find – these are a bit thicker with faceting around the edge. Although they are not as consistent as I would like them to be, they are generally with some thinner & thicker within the strand. The color is wonderfully blue-purple with some variation as you can see in the image, but they are not the grey, pale tanzanite you sometimes find. Of course it is included, and only lightly translucent. I’ve got to say – this stuff is perfect with the super high quality rainbow moonstone I see (the kind that flashes blue & purple), as the flash in the moonstone matches this Tanzanite beautifully! Regardless, this is a spectacular deal – a wonderful size & great quality (for this size & price range of course).

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