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These Are Natural Garnet Gemstone Beads. Buy This For Bulk Quantity.

Gemstone : Garnet
Color : Purple
Gemstone Size : 4.5 To 5.5 MM
Gemstone Shape : Faceted Roundel Wheels

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Natural Garnet Gemstone Beads beads are made from glass which is cut to form multiple facets and designs. These Garnet Gemstone Beads are fire-polished to give extra shine and without any sharp or pointed edges. The faces of the bead reflect a large amount of light which in turn creates a magical sparkling effect. These Garnet Gemstone Beads come in beautiful shapes like rectangle, round, cone, rondelle, briolette, etc. Each bead features a crystal clear hole with smooth edges to help protect the stringing material. The highest quality glass is used in production, which is pressed in a mold, then precisely faceted by machine and polished in a direct fire. The advantage of a fire polishing technique is the softer, gentler appearance of these scratch-resistant beads.

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