Yellow Red Round Faceted Strand Necklace


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These Are Yellow Red Round Faceted Strand Necklace. Buy This For Bulk Quantity.

Handmade item
Stone Type : Round Faceted
Net Quantity (N) : 1
Sizes : Free Size/Adjustable
Type: Necklace

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A unique accessory designed with utmost precision to emanate power and daring elegance. Designed by crafted master artisans, this necklace is a perfect combination of power and elegance.

Exquisite arrangement made of yellow and red round faceted beads is formed smoothly. Each bead is carefully strung along the cord and gives a colorful flash, adding to your image an assertive accentuation mood splash of bright glamour.

This necklace is not only an accessory, but it also symbolizes confidence and adaptability. No matter if it is combined with formal wear for a memorable look or incorporated over casual clothing to add some vivacious sophistication, its cheerful mixture of colors makes any ensemble more stylish.

This is the epitome of today’s modern chic, with a burst dynamism. Such versatile design makes it an ideal addition to any jewelry collection, adding its spirited tones and immaculate craftsmanship that will put your style in the foreground.

Empower yourself with the glamorous allure of this – a masterpiece that attracts attention while delivering an enthusiastic and powerful punch of pulsating energy, vibrant coloration drenched in bold sophistication.

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