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These Are Gemstone tumbled Chips. Buy This Per KG For Bulk Quantity.

Tiny Pieces
Shape : Free Form Natural
Color : As Per Image
Quality : AAA

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These naturally tumbled tourmaline crystals chips deliver laid-back decorating ease. The rough yet gorgeous gemstone chips effortlessly pep up bookshelves, mantelpieces and tabletops for an organic, earthy vibe. Scatter them at the entrances for a cheerful welcome, or let guests grab a handful for an instant pocket souvenir.

For a touch of natural wonder, look no further than these colorful tourmaline chips. Roughly tumbled to bring out their inner radiance, these gemstone beauties capture the dazzling diversity of tourmaline in a rainbow of pinks, greens, and blues. Whether used as decorative accents or crafted into jewelry, their gorgeous hues and raw, organic shapes are sure to spark inspiration. Formed over millions of years, each chip has a story of the earth’s beauty to tell. Infused with the energy of their respective colors, tourmaline is said to have healing and balancing properties. Simply keep a few chips in your space to brighten up the area with their beauty and beneficial vibes. For an effortless way to bring the enchantment of nature indoors, you can’t go wrong with these little chips of paradise.

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