Opal Crystal Moon Stone


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These Are Opal Crystal Moon Stone. Buy This Per Pc For Bulk Quantity.

Stone Name – Crystal Moon Stone
Polish – Handmade polished, Super shiny
Size – Minimum 25 MM
Color – As Seen As Picture
Shape:- Moon Shape Cut
Quality:- AAA”

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The Opal Crystal is covered in an irresistible aura similar to heavenly delights and uniquely captivating, above the mundane. Its iridescent radiance echoing the cosmic ballet, enchanting viewers with a soft lightness that resembles the delicate glow of the stars.

It hisses stories of celestial beauty that invoke an awe-filled state and peacefulness within this mystical crystal. It has opalescent hues that highlight the breathtaking harmony of colors, like a peaceful painting set against this infinite space –a canvas decorated with quiet enchantment of the cosmos.

Holding Crystal Moon Stone gently within your palm, it slightly bathes with tranquil energies that bring you a need for calmness and reflection. Its ethereal grace appears to tie in with the lunar energies that govern their existence and direct them to contemplative moments of silence.

Soak up the peaceful nature of this crystal and let it be a motivator for your quiet moments where you can reflect inward. Its mysterious vibrations softly stimulate spiritual relations and resonate with the innermost feelings, providing comfort in distress.

Enter a celestial realm where the Moon Stone reigns, offering an oasis of peace within life’s cosmic path.

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