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These Are Gemstone Heart Pendants. Buy This Per Pieces For Bulk Quantity.

Quality : AAA
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Small gemstone pendants in shape of a heart. Crystals Heart Pendant for leather band or silver necklace.
Crystals is a nice white or clear gemstone. With a silver loop it is a nice gemstone pendant. Crystals is a friendly-looking gemstone.
The small hearts have a bulging baby bump touches. You can give the sodalite heart not only when the baby bump is there, but if you are looking forward to it, or even just like that because you want to make happy. With a beautiful little stone jewelry.
Small Heart Gemstone Pendant from the gemstone Crystals. Fits silver necklaces, Snake chains or to leather straps in different colors. Silver chains and leather belts are in the category Jewelry or silver chains.
The small Crystals heart pendant has a silver loop and a baby bump. Each looks a little different, with the grain of the precious stone. But the cut of gemstone heart is slightly different each time. High-quality polished Crystals Heart with an eye made ​​of real silver for the silver chain. A nice little gift!

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