Natural Sunstone Moonstone Gemstone Ball Handmade Round Ball

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These Are GEMSTONE BALLS. Buy This Per KG For Bulk Quantity.

Gemstone Shape :- Round
Gemstone Size :- 50 mm

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Welcome To Cambay Gemstone Exports
Dispatches From India’s Biggest Wholesale Exporters

We are gemstone lover with a passion for decorating homes with gemstones.
Product is available in size.Due to the shooting angle, the picture will look larger than the actual size, please read the detailed size.We will choose the best crystal for you.

We believe human fascination with crystals is comprised of their overall remarkable beauty, a gorgeous fulfilment of an empty part of ourselves we recognize and want to fulfill so our mind, body and spirit can be whole, complete and well balanced.

These Are Nicely Cut & Polished Sphere Ball From Made in India.

  • Sphere generates energy in all directions equally moving energy through the entire environment.The spherical shape makes it easy to hold the crystal ball while meditating.With all this talk of healing stones, what better way to use your crystal balls than in a crystal healing session.Because it is said to spread energies evenly, the crystal ball can equalize your space and create an environment of cooperation and compromise.
  • 100% brand new quality
  • Simple and chic, shiny.
  • Each ball is naturally occurring and has its own characteristics.
  • Collectible and home decoration. Pure natural quartz crystals can be used as a unique gift.
  • The product is a purely natural product, not identical, each with its own advantages, which occur naturally.

An actual piece of our earth with remarkable beauty that we may freely hunt and collect to treasure for a lifetime, or gift to those we care for, or pass down to loved ones.

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